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Toby & The Misunderstood Crocodile by Paddy McCann and Kwen Cansancio

This is a cautionary tale about why children should never talk to strangers or unusually chatty crocodiles.  

In the style of Roald Dahl, Toby and The Misunderstood Crocodile by learn From Play Co-Founder Paddy McCann is fun for reader or all ages who like a story with a twist and a snap in its tail.  Beautiful illustrations by Learn From Play's resident illustrator Kwen Cansancio bring the story to life and allow the reader to put themselves in Toby's shoes.  Although that might not be such as good idea.

We have made 8 activities for this book which include an activity to teach students about stranger danger, a persuasive writing activity, 2 fun code breakers, 2 Venn diagram activities on the difference between crocodiles and alligators and between fresh and salt water crocodiles, a maths activity on greater than and less than, a game using maths to play rob the nest and a First Nations Australian's crocodile totem activity.  There are also 3 games for this book - a matching memory game, a maze and a puzzle.  Let us know which game or activity is your favourite. 


The games below are advertisement free and will open in a new window. They can be played by children online as many times as they like. The Match Up Memory Card Game will allow children to improve their memory while the Maze Game lets them develop strategy and problem solving skills while having fun. These games will also build children's attention, concentration and focus, visual recognition and short-term memory. Enjoy.

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Persuasive Writing

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Stranger Danger

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Code Breaker

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Alligator vs Crocodiles

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Salt Water vs Fresh Water Crocodiles

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Greater Gator

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Rob The Nest

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Aboriginal Crocodile Totem

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